Posted by Nelly Kabiru on Aug 01, 2023
Some Happiness from Eileen Prokop photo when she visited Mongolia
Share with us whats happing when its happening,Where and when are you travelling to??
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4th Quarter Funds raised will go to the Emmaus Rotary Scholarship Fund.
Call for Mentorship!
You may have noticed some new faces at our meetings recently because our membership is growing! The Welcome Committee strongly encourages our seasoned club members (three years of service or more) and/OR any past presidents to become mentors for our new members. Mentorship offers a valuable opportunity for our experienced members to share their vast knowledge and expertise with new members who can benefit from their guidance. Becoming a mentor can positively impact our new members' attendance, participation, and overall engagement.

Mentors are asked to:
• Let the new members know how to contact them
• Check with new members regularly to make sure they’re comfortable
• Introduce them to other club members
• Encourage them to invite someone they know to a meeting
• Show them Rotary’s tools on My Rotary, including Club Finder and the Learning Center
• Talk to new members about open roles they could fill or opportunities for involvement
• Accompany new members to events when possible