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We meet at 7:30 AM on Thursday mornings
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District 7430  Club 5427
2019-2020 President 
Steve Gould                        
District 7430 Governor
Herb Klotz
Assistant Governor Area 1
Barb Bottitta
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Feb 20, 2020
Preparing for the 2019 Tax Deadline
Feb 27, 2020
Classificationn Talk
Mar 05, 2020
International Women's Day Celebration
Mar 12, 2020
Paul Harris and the Foundation
Mar 19, 2020
Cambodia and RLI Fellowships
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Foundation Program Meeting this Week
There will be a Foundation program this week so all Paul Harris members are expected to wear their Paul Harris medallions.
Mac Thank You!
Mac And Cheese Art Prints
Thank you for making our mac'n cheese collection a success.
Anyone interested in seeing the process of boxing all the food donated go to Holy Spirit Church in Emmaus on Tuesday November 19th at 3PM.  
I will include photos in the newsletter.
Eileen Prokop 
Local Scientist Looks at Climate Change
    Local resident and Kutztown Faculty member, Michael Davis spoke to Emmaus Rotary on Thursday, November 7, 2019, about the "Science of Climate Change". He noted that Eunice Foote wrote the first Greenhouse Effect research paper in 1856, but at the time she was not allowed to read her paper because of her gender, so an Irish male Scientist read her work and got the recognition. 
    He showed slides of the Keeling Curve which shows the upward rise of carbon dioxide; the Michael Mann "hockey stick graph" which plots proxy date including ice core samples and tree rings, and the Earth Sytems Model developed by Dr. Hansen, formerly of NASA. Hansen has written a book Davis recommends entitled "Storms of My Grandchildren". Hansen says "we are failing miserably" to meet the challenge of the climate crisis. Davis asked his listeners to recall the 62 inches of rain which fell on Houston during Hurricane Harvey two years ago.  NE USA is getting wetter as the rest of the country is getting drier.
     Davis noted that the heat produced by the greenhouse effect is decreasing the volume of sea ice and going into the oceans which are energy sinks. These produce a sea-level rise which may be from 3 to 8 inches by the end of the century.
    He also reviewed the process of scientific inquiry and the value of peer-reviewed work and ended by noting that 98% of scientists see this alarming trend.
Dues Invoices Coming Soon
In mid November, Emmaus Rotary Club dues invoices will be sent out by email.
Some people pay their whole year dues in June and don’t owe dues now in November. 
So don’t send in a check if you don’t get an invoice.
Thanks for paying your dues by December 15th.
President's Message
Hello Emmaus Rotary,
Rotary International is changing.  Or maybe the word is adapting.  Rotary like other service organizations around the world are fighting attrition.  Rotary is adapting to the changes we are challenged with to grow our clubs, and Rotary as a whole, by attracting new members.  Along with this adaptation, takes By-Law and Constitution Amendments to the governing documents of local Rotary Clubs and Rotary International.  And there is a process that must be strictly adhered to.
With that said, Sharon Rittenhouse has sent out a Membership video on Rotary to explain how Rotary International has been adapting to change in the effort to expand and grow our clubs.  Please click on the link below and watch a very short video.
Mark your calendars on Thursday, December 5, 2019 as the Board of Directors has approved every Emmaus Rotarian who brings a guest on this date, will receive a free breakfast along with their guest.  Here is a chance to meet our goal of every Emmaus Rotarian bringing one guest this Rotary year.  No excuses now since the reward is a free breakfast on this morning.  Please make your 2019-2020 President proud and show me how much Emmaus Rotary means to you!
Steve Gould, 2019-2020 ERC President
Fellowship Thank You and More Coming!
Our next Fellowship event will be Saturday, November 30 for Small Business Saturday. We have reserved 10 tote bags with Emmaus Main Street Partners. These tote bags are filled with coupons, freebies, promotional items, etc. from our surrounding local businesses. We as a group will plan to pickup the bags Saturday morning, walk around to the local shops, and grab lunch together at an eatery downtown. Reach out to Meghan or Ashley if you're interested in participating. We will have up to 10 bags reserved, past those 10 bags, you'll have to register through the link (to come at a later time).
Pinned on ERC's Bulletin Board
Seeking Door Prize Donations! 
As you know, your weekly breakfast now includes a Door Prize Raffle Ticket. There will be ONE winner each week. The winner will receive either a $20.00 cash prize or a donated prize for that meeting valued at at least $20.00  There is longer a buy in for a 50/50 raffle ticket. Last week Eric Loch kicked off our format with a $100 gift card to Eric J. Loch Diamond Jewelers. Thank you Eric!  If you or your business would like to donate a $20.00 value door prize please contact Meghan Reed.  
Pictures for ERC Website
If you have recently taken photos at community service activity or another Emmaus Rotary event/activity please share them with Meghan so they can be uploaded to the ERC website. 
Upcoming Committee Meetings:
Membership Committee - Thursday, February 20, 2020 at 7:00 a.m. prior to our club meeting. 
(Does your committee have an upcoming meeting? Let Meghan know and we will list it here)
Check the list below to see if you are scheduled to serve as Greeter & Raffle, Sign-in Table, Invocation or EREY.
If you will not be at the meeting when you have an assignment, it is your responsibility to arrange for coverage of your duty. 
Please note that changes may be made from previous editions of the TRUMPET. Please check before each meeting! 
Thank you for taking your turn and helping Emmaus Rotary run a smooth, fun and friendly meeting. 


February 20, 2020

Greeter - Rohrbach (Gary)

-table - Ruggieri and Reichley  

Invocation - Ruiz-Orbin

EREY- Roberts 


February 27, 2020

Greeter - Rohrbach (Woody)

-table - Smida and Stuckey  

Invocation - Birdsell

EREY- Spradlin


March 5, 2020

Greeter - Verrastro

-table - Tintle and Wenner  

Invocation - Whitcomb

EREY- Zayaitz (Rick)


March 12, 2020

Greeter - Ajamu

-table - Auvil  

Invocation - Straeter-Doviak

EREY- Boyer


Service above Self.