Monday morning, January 4, 2021, Emmaus Rotary Club President Lexa Shallcross met Beth Lorah in the parking lot at Bethel Church where Rotarians were unloading food from Second Harvest that would be used in our ongoing mission to ease food insecurity for the students and families of the East Penn School District.  Beth Lorah had previously been named as an honorary recipient of Rotary's Paul Harris award. Now it was time to catch-up and present her with all the regalia of that award-- the certificate, the medallion, and the pin. What you can't easily discern from the photo above is that both women have big grins under their covid19 masks. Lorah mentioned that she had been reading up on Paul Harris, founder of Rotary, and found his biography fascinating.  She was honored for her ongoing partnership with ERC as the Director of the Groceries PLUS Food Pantry which is a ministry of Bethel Bible Fellowship Church and supported locally by both ecumenical and service groups.
Photo by Gary Guthrie