Are you on an Emmaus Rotary Club Committee?  No!  Well you are missing out on an opportunity.  Remember it is always Volunteer Month!  For your convenience here is the list of all of our Emmaus Rotary Club Committees and their Chairs:
Membership: Steve Gould, Rick Zayatiz
Foundation - Bill Erdman
International - Cindy Hornaman
Community Service - Nicole Steirer & Karen Hobson
Public Image: John Chisca 7 Eileen Prokop
Youth Services
Interact Club: Tony Moyer
Youth Exchange - Rose Galeano-Phillips
Camp Neidig - Vacant (Your Name Here!)
Fund-Rasing Oversight - Mike Waddell
Flag Subscription Project - Eric & Sue Wenner
U-Putt Event - Sir Wade George
Cornhole Tournament / Beef & Beer - Sal Verrastro / Steve Gould
Endowment / Scholarship - Jeffrey McElhaney
Fellowship - Meghan Reed & Ashley Lorah
Flag Day - Sue Straeter
Golf Tournament - John Zayatiz & Mario Cozzubo
Motorcycle Poker Run - Mark Erle
Social Media - Valerie Deneen
Women’s International Day - Alicia Ruiz-Orbin
District Diversity - Alicia Ruiz-Orbin & Jim Palmquist
Rotary Banner Project - Gary Rohrbach
Audio Visual - Eric Loch
Centennial Celebration Planning - Roger Whitcomb