Good morning Emmaus Rotary Club – our meetings are canceled for the next few weeks so here is a bit of homework that we can all do while being properly socially distanced!
Steve asked me to review the committee lists in ClubRunner and make recommendations for tidying the lists up and making them current.  I did that by using his membership spreadsheet and adding/deleting members to each committee as needed, making sure that the Chairs were correct (to the  best of my knowledge) and adding committees as directed. Also, one of the advantages of keeping the committee lists in ClubRunner is that when entered this way the committees we are on are then listed in our respective club profiles.
**A caveat here- I believe that everyone has the correct level access to be able to get to their profile, Chairs to edit committees, etc.  If not, let me know and I’ll ask our ClubRunner higher ups to grant the access you need.
Sequence to access the committees screen – Member login – click Member Area-organization tab-committees tab-view standing committees (left column)-click on your committee name to see the membership list. 
The screen shot below shows the 16 committees.
All members – please look at your club profile to see what committee(s) you are listed on.  If not correct, please contact the appropriate committee chair to make a change. 
Committee Chairs – please look at your committee(s) and make sure that your membership list is correct and amend as needed. **On the right side click the orange Add Member to add a member, click X to delete a member, and the edit icon to bring up a specific member and edit as needed.
Please have this editing done by Wednesday, April 1.
Please contact me at 484-274-2089 or if you have any questions.
Thanks and be safe,
Mike Waddell