Much like a river life can take us in twists and turns and even over some rapids throughout the journey. Some days you go with the flow and sometimes you steer the ship. It's the lessons you seek to learn along the way that make you who you are.  Sue Wenner's adventurous spirit and intuitive nature have created some very interesting chapters in her life that she kindly shared with us at our last meeting. 

Sue grew up in a hard working, music loving home in Schuylkill County where the winters were cold and if you wanted to be entertained you played outside.  Her family owned a successful grocery store in her community that started out of her Grandmother's home and grew over the years, eventually selling to Laneco, allowing her Father to retire.  Sue's first job was at the store and at a young age she wasn't afraid of some hard work; even helping when it came to packaging up butchered venison meat to sell to her neighbors.  Perhaps Sue's Grandmother and Father's entrepreneurial courage runs in her blood because since then she hasn't been afraid to maneuver against the current to a new opportunity.  
Sue graduated from Bloomsburg University with a degree in Business Education and while she realized that teaching wasn't right for her she has taken that business know how into many other successful avenues and always knowing when it was a good time start a new chapter.  She has extensive experience in Banking and Residential Construction, Real Estate even Retail and Food Service. (Sue owned a small coffee shop for a time and also owned Sneaks N Cleats for about 6 years) Today Sue's focus is on helping others achieve a healthy and balanced lifestyle through her role as a nutritionist.  After facing some health issues she saw the benefits of Holistic Healing and proper nutrition and decided to take the plunge into something totally new.  She went to the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and now helps people of all ages with their health and wellness goals through one on one coaching.  She has clients that seek her help with all sorts of nutritional needs such as weight loss, high cholesterol and blood pressure, Chron's disease and Diabetes, and sleep issues.  She accomplishes much of this work through her role in a company called Isagenix.  She chose Isagenix because of the company's culture of integrity, community, education and transparency.  This was a place Sue feels she belongs and can live the life she wants.  She's able to truly help people, spend time with her family, and travel. 
Sue loves spending time with her Kids and Grandchildren who keep her busy with their sports, acting and modeling schedules.  They are a family who loves to cook family recipes from her Lebanese and Lithuanian heritage as well as explore local restaurants. Often time they are cooking with the food she grows in her garden. She is also very active in other community organizations and networking groups in the area such as the Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber's Small Business Council where she is the Chair of this year's Snowball!  Being involved in the community is important to Sue. She loves being active in service projects and giving back. Which is why she loves being a part of Rotary so much. 
Restaurants aren't the only places Sue and Dave like to explore! They love to travel the world and have spectacular memories of places like Hong Kong and the Amazon.  Their most memorable trip was to the Amazon River with her Shaman. (Who else do you know that is cool enough to have a Shaman?) They immersed themselves fully into the culture by living with a primitive tribe of 35 people who taught them about their holistic medicines through jungle walks to forage for plants and trees that heal.  Sue left feeling energized and inspired.  Who knows...with her love of travel, maybe her vision of a mission trip back to the Amazon could be an experience for Emmaus Rotary dive in to.