Posted by Rick Zayaitz
Haddonfield, NJ - July 4, 2018: At a fourth of July parade, the local Rotary club carry flags of the world and a banner reading 'Doing good. Having fun doing it.'
Rotary clubs from all over doing what we do all the time---HAVING FUN IN A PARADE IN NEW JERSEY
     Each one of us comes into Rotary with a different idea, passion or a gift they know they can share.   What was the motivation behind your reason to join the largest service organization in the world?  Somewhere in your heart you wanted to help someone in need, help during a crisis, help another person be they best they can be, whatever the motivation we all have the commonality that we want to help others.  
     Tuesday, February 19th the social committee along with the membership committee are having a Happy Hour get together at the 1760 house.  5:30 to 8:00 pm bring a a like minded friend, neighbor, or colleague who may or may not think about joining our organization, but you know them and they want to give back.  Lots of people want to give back but do not know the medium that can help them find the way.  We are looking for a large attendance, hors d'oeuvres and soft drinks are on our club.  The bar is a cash bar.  We are trying to keep the Rotary momentum going in a positive direction.  Please RSVP to Bryce so he has a head count.   Let's have fun together and enjoy each others' company. 
See you Tuesday evening at the 1760 House route 100 and Hamilton streets.  
Thank You to everyone for all of your help in making this rotary year as successful as it has been.
Yours in service, 
Rick Zayaitz