January is Get Organized Month! On January 23, 2020 Diane Albright, Certified Professional Organizer and Productivity Consultant, gave us some pointers on how to get ourselves "Organizing to Success".  Members were given a step by step productivity guide on how to achieve goal setting, design a master to-do-list, and create a repetitive task checklist.  
We also learned that by carving out just 10 minutes a day to dedicate to our organizational goals our small steps can add up big time! 
Here are some helpful take-aways for you to get started on your goals. 
  • Be exact and specific with what your tasks are in order to meet your goal. 
  • Notice that your to-do list will start with a verb. Perfect for people of action like us! 
  • Update your list throughout the day.  (At work and at the end of the day at home) 
  • Consider making a household maintenance checklist. Task by month and delegate!
Click here to listen to Diane's presentation if you missed last week's meeting or just need a refresher.  You can also see the best way to fold your socks! Steve, did you spend 10 minutes on your sock drawer yet? 
If you'd like the handout from last week's meeting hit the read more button.  Learn more at DianeAlbright.com