Our speakers at our Thursday, January 30th meeting had us thinking about why we do what we love, and how love gives us the courage to face our fears. 
Many thanks to Cindie Feldman, Owner of Gather and 29 Cooks, for sharing her personal story of the struggles she faced with hunger growing up and how that time in her life led her to recognize the importance of gathering for a meal. How gathering over a meal leads to purposeful conversation to connect and sometimes reconnect us.  She encourages us as Rotarians who gather each week to look back at why we initially joined Rotary and reflect on why we are here today.  

Anil Srivatsa shared his inspirational story of how his family faced their fears of organ donation to save his Brother's life. Anil's experience led he and his wife on a cross country road trip of the United States to spread the word of organ donation awareness. He asks us this: How many of us would be willing to give up an organ without being afraid? There will be fear, but fear should not be the reason to say NO.  The most common fear is the unknown..."Will I be ok?"...."What will happen to me?".  We learned what happened to Anil. His words were "Nothing!"  He can still run a 100 meter sprint. His diet hasn't changed. He lives a normally and even takes part in the World Transplant Games. Which he playfully invited our fellow Rotarians and organ donation heros Murtaza Jaffer and Eric Loch to partake in with him.  His message to over 75,000 people has been to Let Love Win and Beat Fear.  Since he began his talks, four lives have been saved!