Congratulations to Don Blose, Mario Cozzubbo, Dee Eng, Mark Erle, Michael Gibson, Craig Reber, Gary Rohrbach, Joanne Smida and Alicia Ruiz-Orbin on their recent Paul Harris Fellow Recognition and we'd like to acknowledge Jim Palmquist for his contributions as a member of the Paul Harris Society.  The generosity of our Paul Harris Fellows and Society Members is truly appreciated.  

Bill Erdman and Cindy Hornaman put together a very thoughtful program and recognition ceremony last week to honor our members and help us to understand what The Rotary Foundation is all about.  Did you know that the Emmaus Rotary Club is the largest contributor to the Foundation in our District? (Not even including Shelter Box and Polio Plus donations!) Because of our donations to The Rotary Foundation our club has been able to successfully implement  over 100 local service projects? ERC has contributed over $161,000 and thus far $435,000 of those funds have been allocated local projects like our current Feed East Penn Students Lunch Packing Program.  We continue to knock it out of the park as we are 88% of goal for the year and on track to meet our goal by the end of June.  Want to see more great local projects? Fill your Rotary Piggy Bank and be sure to visit our EREY table each week with even a small contribution because every single dollar matters.  You can even have your contributions withdrawn automatically through Rotary Direct. Learn more by connecting with Bill Erdman. 
Thank you Bill and Cindy for a great program. I encourage our members to watch or revisit this meeting. It was very interesting to learn important Rotary history and get an understanding of just who Paul Harris was; how the experiences he had as a young man, shaped him to be the leader he became. How because of Paul Harris we have the gift of Rotary! A way for each of us to put service above self and be a catalyst for good in the world.  
Watch the full meeting on our YouTube Channel by clicking here!