You know someone is a good person when they spend their well deserved vacation rescuing a stray dog and it's puppies.  Some would call Frank Mastroianni and his wife Laura crazy but compassionate is a much better description.  Frank's story made for a very exciting classification talk last week!  After learning about his family values, work ethic and positive nature, we can all understand why getting on board to rescue a paradise pup makes total sense for him.
Frank comes from a big, lovable Italian family where togetherness, tradition, and a zest for life are paramount.  He is one of 5 siblings, a father to two young boys (Conner and Jordan).  He and Laura's household includes a pack of 3 dogs, 3 cats and even chickens!  Being surrounded by all of this high energy and happiness throughout his life is the perfect recipe for having a big heart.  He's one to welcome a good time and adventure but to play hard one must work hard, and he has certainly put in the work.  His drive and effort go back to his days on the Emmaus High School Baseball Team as a starter earning the 2nd highest batting average in the State and recognition as 1st Team All-State as a Senior.  Frank's genuine personality, openness, and friendly nature guided him from the baseball field to the field of sales, where he's an all-star in Real Estate at Better Homes and Gardens Valley Partners in Emmaus.  To be reputable in sales requires a person to have their client's true best interests at heart.  I imagine that it's a joy to help a young family lay down roots in the very town you grew up in and care about. 

Frank's young family of people and pets recently planted roots Fogelsville in their dream home and soon after welcomed the newest member of the pack, an Akita from Antiqua.  While celebrating their long awaited honeymoon Frank and Laura crossed paths with this pup and there was no turning back.  I'd like to think that any true animal lover would have done what they could to help, but Frank and Laura really came to the rescue for this lucky dog and her 5 puppies. They gave up relaxing with fruity drinks on the beach and spent time gaining the dog's trust, finding it veterinary care and tracking down her puppies.  That is some service above self realness! They ended up working with a rescue group called Dogs and Cats of Antiqua to help re-home these animals off of the island.  In December their island dog landed at JFK Airport and is now enjoying a good life in a cozy home. Compassion is at the core of service about self isn't it?