A few weeks ago fellow Emmaus Rotarian, Jim Palmquist gave us a glimpse into how helicopters work and how to fly them.  Every week I am blown away by the amazing things our club members are knowledgeable about and have incredible experiences in.  We are a exciting group of people with diverse life skills, passions and interests that shine through in very unique ways to contribute to the Rotary experience and mission.  There is just so much we can learn from each other!  If you weren't able to catch his presentation I highly encourage you to replay it by clicking here, it's truly fascinating and best to hear it from the Pilot himself! 
After talking with another club member about how I enjoyed Jim's presentation, I learned that earlier this year Jim was a guest on "The Rotary Wing Podcast" (a helicopter focused podcast show with listeners in 40 countries) where he was interviewed by the host Mick Cullen of Brisbane Australia. I reached out to Jim to find out more and how I could share that with the club. You can listen the podcast episode using the following link http://rotarywingshow.com/rws83-seasprite-jim-palmquist/. You can also find it in your podcast source on your smart phone under “Rotary Wing Podcast”. 

In his podcast interview, Jim shares his story of how he and his crew survived a crash into the open ocean, the rescue work he did as a U.S. Navy Search and Rescue Pilot off aircraft carriers, and the unique aspects of the main helicopter he flew in the Navy, the HH-2D Sea Sprite. You'll also learn about the American Helicopter Museum and Education Center in West Chester, PA where Jim volunteers occasionally.  Jim also tells the story of the origin of the Bell Cobra AH-1, how it beat out the Lockheed Cheyenne AH-56 for a huge Army contract and how the Sea Sprite UH-2A Tomahawk was involved in that story.  He and the host even talk a little about an upcoming video about the Tomahawk in the "Designed for Battle" Video Series coming out later this year where Jim was interviewed/videotaped for,  serving as the manufacturers stand-in/pilot resource for the video.  Take look at the Rotary Wing Podcast website, where you can see more pictures, videos and documentation that goes along with Jim's interview. 

Here is a short video on the main helicopter Jim flew in. One of the 6 Helicopters he flew over his time in the Military.