To My Dear Emmaus Rotary Friends,
So here it is...the time for my final Presidents Message.  During the past (almost) 5 years, my life has become incredibly enriched by Emmaus Rotary Club. I look back to when I first visited a meeting, I remember feeling welcomed and at home. Since then, I've had the opportunity to have some sort of connection with just about every single ERC member. You have become like family to me. This Club has become something I hold dear in my heart. What can I say....I LOVE Rotary.
Before I joined, I was looking for way to find a more purpose driven life and Rotary has done that 100 times more than I could have imagined.  The mission and vision of Rotary helped me realize that I can actually be a part of something that is capable of taking on the world's challenges, do what we can to find solutions to problems and actually help people.  Collectively WE have done some really good things that make our local and global communities better. Being with a group of not just dreamers but DOERS inspires me and pushes me serve better.
When I was asked to serve as Club President in my very early days of membership, I didn't understand why on earth you would want me to fill that prestigious role as a new person who really didn't have a full grasp on all things Rotary. It seemed scary and like A LOT of work. BUT I looked within and recognized that this feeling of being out of my comfort zone was really just fear and I knew I should step up and meet the challenge.  I was right. It was a ALOT of work.... work worth doing of course! The unexpected work is what I reflect on now. This experience made me work on myself, my relationships, my leadership skills, may patience and so much more.  It made me do a lot of new things I hadn't considered before, and I have grown in so many ways. Sometimes the perks of Service Above Self are at the end you end up a BETTER self.  
And now I get to stand, a little wiser and with a special bond, alongside those who have served before me as President of Emmaus Rotary Club. And from this side of the gavel, WE cheer on those who are next in line for this special role. Sal, congratulations. I wish you the all the best in your term. I know you will be an exceptional President. I thank you for unwavering support and friendship. 

Emmaus Rotarians, from the bottom of my heart Thank You for always helping when I've asked. Thank you for being on board change. Thank you for helping to overcome challenges. Thank you for your guidance. Thank you for putting your skills and expertise to work. Thank you for serving in a multitude of ways to make this year a success. Thank you for your mentorship and friendship to eachother. 
In my speech last year, I ended by asking you to be the light in this world for those in dark places. I asked you See the good, be the good and inspire good in others. I asked you to SHINE BRIGHT and YOU did exactly that. Please, never let anyone dull your sparkle! 
Shine Bright Friends!
Meghan Reed
President of Emmaus Rotary Club for 24 more hours