468 years, 25 people, 35 pins, 84 committee commitments, 28 visits, 7 pinkies, 27 readers, 12 active finders. 

What the heck does this all mean? The results are in from the Fellowship questionnaire game we played at the end of our Club Assembly. From the members in attendance alone, this is impressive stuff!

  • 468 collective years of Emmaus Rotary Service….That’s a TON of experience and hours making a difference.  I wonder what our total number would be if we added up ALL of our current members?!


  • 25 people signed up for a Make a difference Day project. (Since last week that number has almost doubled) Have you signed up yet? Read on in the Trumpet for the link to sign up.  Service is a BIG reason we’re here isn’t it? 


  • 35 pins. Thanks to a watchful Sargent at Arms, we tend to remember to wear our pins to meetings. My next question to each person reading this is; are you proudly wearing it outside of meetings? We should be! 
  • 84 commitments. It sure seems like a lot of us are spreading the love and serving on multiple committees. Think about this topic for just a moment. Where are you putting your skills and talents to their best potential? How are you learning from fellow committee members?  What lasting friendships have you made through committee service? (If you are a newer member and have questions about committees please see me. I’m happy to help you navigate.)


  • 28 Club visits. Our members are social butterflies! Visiting Clubs in District 7430, around The U.S. and internationally is a fantastic way to meet new people and get inspired by other meaningful service projects. ERC members have visited far and wide. For example: Rome, Melbourne and Istanbul.  


  • 7 members in attendance supported the Purple Pinky Race to Zero.  Thanks to our Purple Pinky Princess, Lexa Shallcross for pushing us to walk/run/bike and donate!  Erasing Polio is critical and possible! 


  • 27 avid Trumpet readers! I wonder if we can beat that number this week? Hint hint guys….


  • 12 members are ready to help find new members. Having your “Four Way Test/Emmaus Rotary Club business cards” on hand makes it easy to invite someone to breakfast or a volunteer opportunity.  You never know who you’ll meet so be prepared! 

While these numbers are fun to share with you. The real mission behind these simple questions was to spark conversation outside of our normal breakfast chats and get us all thinking about how these small things really add up. 

Thank you for your service and friendship!

Meghan Reed, President Elect