The people have spoken! The students of Willow Lane Elementary School enjoyed our creative Rotary gingerbread houses.
Over 300 ballots were cast and the winning team with over 100 votes is......The Bad Boys!
Yup our resident “bad boys” Rory, Woody, Wilmer, Dale and Mario stole the show with their precision and expert craftsmanship!But we would expect nothing less from these fellas.  each of The Bad Boys will enjoy a gift card to South Mountain Cycle & Cafe.

A big thank you to all of our club members for allowing the Fellowship Committee to shake things up a bit and get us into the holiday spirit together. We hope you all enjoyed making some new memories together and spreading good cheer to one another with your seasons greetings cards.

Cheers to a wonderful year of Rotary. Happy Holidays from the Fellowship Committee!
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