Emmaus Rotary held its annual changeover ceremony on-line this year on Thursday morning, on June 25, 2020.  Past-president Rick Zayaitz was the director of ceremonies. He introduced District Governor elect Janet Kolepp.  Then offered Steve Gould, the out-going President, the opportunity to give some final words of thanks and encouragement. Four newly elected Board directors took their oath of office: John Chisca, Courtney Kennedy, Eric Loch, and Sal Verrastro. 
The  "Gavel was Passed" along a cyber path as the names and pictures of past presidents scrolled on the main screen.
Cindy Hornaman, Past-District Governor and Past President, administered the oath of office to Lexa Shallcross, Emmaus Rotary's new President for 2020 -2021.  Shallcross said she was officially overwhelmed.... grateful, excited, and anxious and thanked Emmaus Rotary for the opportunity to serve as President. She asserted that she was confident going forward as Emmaus Rotarians who are business and civic leaders had all the experience, expertise and enthusiasm to meet future challenges and opportunities.
In the gardens around her home, Cindy Hornaman "pinned" Lexa Shallcross after the on-line meeting.
There were smiles under both of the women's masks!                     
Photo by C. Hornaman
You can watch last week's virtual passing of the gavel by clicking here.   You can also check out the PowerPoint presentation by using this link.  https://www.dropbox.com/s/7zrzm0xwp91vjrc/PAST%20PRESIDENTS%202020-4.pdf?dl=0