Posted by Lexa Shallcross
     After asking for a moment of silence in memory of deceased Rotarian Carl Franz, President Rick Zayaitz reviewed Emmaus Rotary's progress toward fulfilling this year's mission and goals.
     The Fellowship Committee has two events coming up. On Tuesday, March 5th, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., Emmaus Rotary will gather at the Superior Restaurant for a Pancake Supper. Family and friends are welcome. Cost per person is only $5.  Fill up and enjoy the fun.
     On Thursday, April 25th, Emmaus Rotary will hold a major fundraising event:
Beef N Beer at the House and Barn, Emmaus. The goal is to raise a significant amount of money to be deposited in the Emmaus Rotary Foundation with the intent to build that principle so that we can continue to award significant scholarships to graduating Interact Students at Emmaus High School.
     The Golf Tournament Committee reported out that with $1,000 in outstanding money to still be received this year's current net is $24,675. Steve Gould took a moment to thank the Rotarians on the committee who found new sponsors, sparked the sale of the Masters Ticket Raffle and got 111 golfers signed up.  Rescheduled because of heavy rain, the weather held for the new date.
     Tony Moyer reported that plans are being laid for the joint Emmaus Rotary and EHS Interact Club joint meeting on Thursday, January 31st at 5:30 p.m. He noted that there is lively interest among students to participate in the 4-Way Test Speech Contest.
     Earlier Rotarian Erdman had presented Eric Loch with his Paul Harris plus 7.
Erdman reported that we are about 66% toward our year's goal for  EREY - Every Rotarian Every Year - giving $100 toward the Rotary Foundation. He noted that the fiscal year for Rotary is July 1 to the end of June. Then he revealed that he thinks Emmaus Rotary will present 19 Paul Harris awards this year.... quick math = Emmaus Rotary will give over $20,000 to the Rotary Foundation this year! END POLIO NOW.
      Have you noticed the bustle each meeting as speakers are mic'ed and a video camera is set up? John Chisca and his PR committee are working to get our meetings recorded for U Tube where other Rotarians can view them for make-ups. The current obstacle is the pay pal or credit card system to be used.  Valerie Deneen reported that the strategy for increased Facebook visibility is working and will be evaluated after 3 months. Remember "Like Us on Facebook"......
     President Zayaitz commended the Community Service Committee for all its work especially on the "Be the Inspiration Day(s)" this October. Chair Gary Guthrie stood to say he wanted to thank all the Rotarians who volunteered to staff the numerous service activities. From the floor, a Rotarian asked to be heard so that both Eileen Prokop who coordinates with the Angel Network and Ralph Lewis who spearheads our Food 4 the Hungry Collection each month could be recognized and thanked on our behalf. Before the meeting, Bob Halsey who is our contact with Miracle League had overseen the presentation of a "big check" to the director of Miracle League.
     District Governor Cindy Hornaman detailed plans and progress preparing for the 7430 District Conference this May in Allentown. Sue Straeter and Eric Loch are working closely with her as Emmaus Rotary is the host club. Early registration is around 100 and Hornaman hopes to have over 300 in attendance. Friday night is International Night. Saturday a youth event will be held at Symphony Hall in the morning and in the evening there will be a Craig Thatcher concert with a food collection for Second Harvest. There are exciting speakers including the youngest district governor in Rotary USA. REGISTER NOW!
     Zayaitz looked over his powerpoint notes and in closing stressed that "Emmaus Rotary needs to get out there".... he asked fellow Rotarians to recruit new members and to make our brand shine.
     In conclusion, Secretary Jim Palmquist noted that some dues payments were outstanding. Rotarian Pease asked that the directory be updated. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.