The beauty of our organization is that Rotary is not a one man band, I could not do this without the help of the executive team, the committee chairs and everyone that is on a committee.  Which means everyone is important in our organization.  Steve, Lexa and Mike thank you for your leadership, council, and experience during this past nine months on the executive committee.  They are the glue that holds our organization together.  Our board members, Ceil, Gary, Jim, Chris, Don, Val, Sal have been an inspiration.  Along with the help of J. P., Bill, Gary R, and Dale we can define our organization.  A group of like minded people that wants to make Rotary the best community service club in our area. 
         Thank you to each and everyone of you that support, help and leadership in our organization.  Gary Guthrie along with Rose, Karen and Nicole continue to lead our community service committee (join them this Saturday at the Knauss homestead to help clean up the grounds).  Valerie, Meghan, Ashley, Karen are our social media/Public relations team that continues to look for answers for what is the best platform to use to get our brand out to the community so everyone knows what being a Rotarian represents.  Eileen keeps us connected to the community with the Angel network, we've collected everything from tuna fish to tooth paste to help others in need.  JP keeps the new members coming with an always fun, informative and interesting new member initiations, with the help of Bob Rust , Bob Groeller, Bob Halsey and Valerie Deneen.   Bill Erdman and Cindy Hornaman work on international relations and the foundation.  Steve Gould, John Zayaitz, and Mario Cozzubbo are our fund raising team making it possible for future President's to have the financial wherewithal to complete their favorite projects.  Mark Ehrle, Doug Brinker, Lisa Spradlin, John Chisca, Joe Pugliese are making the motorcycle run a viable community service project benefiting veterans.  Tony Moyer, Gordon Reese are helping with our youth and the Interact club along with Larry Del Hagen and his tireless work with Camp Niedeg.   Alicia along with Karen, Rose, and Sue we really appreciate the work you and your International Women's Award has meant for our community.  Bryce, Steve, Don, I think the beef N Beer will be a great event.  Something to build on every year to help some worthwhile project we all believe in.  To some of our new members Meghan, Ashley, Mike, Joe, Galliano  thank you for your help and support.  
       This year our motto for the Rotary year was "Be the inspiration"  and no one amplifies that more than our own District Governor Cindy Hornaman she works tirelessly for our organization and the more than 40 other clubs in our District.  Thank you Cindy for your mentorship, leadership and friendship.   Thank you to everyone in our club for making ours the best club in District 7430.  May everyone have a great and warm week ahead.
Rick Zayaitz