Hello Friends!
I'm happy to report that our EHS Interact & ERC Meeting was a success! The concept was to provide four stations that the students could pick from in a series of three rotations.  The stations helped students to learn more about Rotary and ERC.  The topics were: Youth Exchange, Camp Neidig, The Fourway Speech Contest/ERC Scholarship Awards, and a Meet & Greet/Round Table.  This concept was a brilliant idea brought forth by Interact Advisor, Amy Kaunitz and Interact Club President Emma.  (Emma is a terrific young leader and participated in the Four Way Speech Contest last year, making it to Districts)

What we took away from this experience was that the Students of Interact want to work more with ERC! They want to learn more about Rotary and wish we would have done this together sooner!! SO next year we will hold this sort of meeting in October and kick of the school year with helping Interact become more knowledgeable about Rotary and why Interact is really the first rung on the ladder of Rotary participation.
I so enjoyed sitting and talking with this fine group of young people who have a desire to serve the community.  We had nice conversations and shared potential service project ideas.  NEXT we will schedule a follow up joint meeting to learn more about Rotary's 7 Areas of Focus and brainstorm project ideas that Interact would like to create and that ERC and Interact can work on together.  I think this is the next chapter in strengthening the bonds with ERC and Interact and change more lives through the joy of service.  The future is bright so let's shine!
Many Thanks to Interact Advisor Amy Kaunitz, Interact Club President Emma,  Youth Committee Chair Tony Moyer (4 Way Speech/Scholarship Station), Don Blose, John Chisca and Eric Loch (Camp Neidig Station), Courtney Kennedy, Bob Kruas and Exchange Student Flora (Youth Exchange Station),  Sal Verrastro,  Nelly Kabiru and Karen Hobson (Meet & Greet/Round Table Station). And special Guests Bill Thompson from the Fleetwood Rotary Club and District Governor Len Gieseler (who is also a Camp Neidig Alum and was able to share his experience)!
Shine Bright Friends,
Meghan Reed
President, Emmaus Rotary Club 2022/23