Posted by Rick Zayaitz
     The Rotary Foundation begins at the club level.  EREY (Every Rotarian Every Year) is the local clubs addition to the International Rotary Foundation.  We ask every member to give what they can.  To receive the stamp on your name badge we ask for $100 and for the second stamp another $26.50 for the Arch Clump original $26.50 that started the foundation almost a century ago.  To be awarded a Paul Harris a Rotarian needs to give $1,000 dollars to the Foundation.  This is not a one time gift, every time you give to EREY we keep a running total and when you reach $1,000 a Paul Harris is the reward for your giving.  
    Last year Rotary International awarded $86 million dollars to charities all over the world.  We have given the monies through the local clubs, the districts, and regional Rotary organizations.  When we give to the Foundation it takes three years for our club to realize the ability to get that money back in the form of grant money.  This is a very simplified version of how we get the money back into our local clubs for us to decide on our own projects to support.     
I am extremely proud of our organization; we have given over $13 thousand this year and our goal is approximately $18 thousand.  If you can help at the front desk (bring a $20 and use $13 for breakfast and the other $7 to EREY) and will certainly be appreciated.  Please remember the Rotary year is from July 1 to June 30th of the following year so we are very close to the end of another Rotary year. 
     Thank you to everyone that has given to EREY this year.  We have a fantastic group of individuals with large hearts.  Stewardship is a large part of what Rotarians do as they give of their time, talents, and their treasures.  Enjoy this time of the year, Passover, Easter are beautiful times of the year for enjoying the colors nature provides us with.     
Yours in Service