Posted by Mike Waddell
Rotarian Doug Reichley gave an interesting presentation about the 230th birthday of the United States Constitution.  It was a fast-paced overview of the beginning of this amazing document evolving from the Articles of Confederation in 1775 to what we have today.  The Articles of Confederation had a weak central government with stronger states’ rights but had no common currency, ability to raise taxes, no regulation of commerce and other important necessities for a country that was growing.  Judge Reichley went on to review how Jefferson and Madison stepped in to propose a new framework for government which was supported by some by not by the Anti-Federalists leading to friction among the states until a constitutional convention is held in 1787 and eventually the new constitution was ratified on June 21, 1788 and in September, 1789 12 amendments were proposed and ten ratified to form the Bill of Rights.
Much more was presented including the famous Marbury v. Madison and the Jefferson v. Marshall controversies.  I encourage all club members to watch the video to get the full flavor of all that happened leading to the current U.S. Constitution.