Posted by Rick Zayaitz
           Above is a picture of the Emmaus Interact High school students enjoying a day at the Miracle League. 
You may be asking why the picture of the Interact students?  We have a new Emmaus High School Interact Club advisor.  Amy Kaunitz is the new advisor for our Interact club.  Samantha will be going out on maternity leave in the next few weeks.  We thank Samantha for all of her hard work and dedication to the club the past three years.
       A little about Amy until she has a chance to tell us herself.  Amy spent 12 years teaching middle school and now she is now helping young freshman minds understand and appreciate Social Studies.  It is her first year as a teacher at the high school level.  When you meet Amy you will see how her enthusiasm, passion, and love of teaching comes out.  We have found a new leader for the Interact club.  If you happen to run into her on the street or at the supermarket, please say hello.  I will have a picture of Amy in a future issue of the Trumpet. 
      Until then Uncle Bob will be helping her and her students prepare for a very special Halloween at the Miracle League on October 24th.  Thank you, Bob, for all of your work with the Miracle League.
Yours in service
Rick Zayaitz