Hello Emmaus Rotary Club!
It is New Leadership Month in Rotary.  This Thursday you will have the opportunity to cast your ballot for the 2022-2023 Emmaus Rotary Club Board of Directors at large. If you cannot attend the meeting your ballot can still be submitted.  Being a Board Member is fun way to be involved on a deeper level in our organization.  Please see the notice below be sure to click on the READ MORE section of this article for ballot information. 
I'd like to thank our current Directors, John Chisca, Wade George, Nelly Kabiru, and Courtney Kennedy, for their outstanding service as Board Members over the past year.  Thank you each for stepping up for this important leadership opportunity.  You are greatly appreciated by Emmaus Rotary. 
As we jump into this new Rotary Year, I am eager to serve with proud Rotarians who truly want to make a difference in the world in whatever small and big ways we can imagine together. 
See the good. Be the good. Inspire good in others. 
Shine Bright Friends,
Meghan Reed
Emmaus Rotary President 2022-2023
To all Emmaus Rotarians
ERC Board of Directors for 2022- 2023
Ballots for the 2022 2023 are now available effective Thursday, July 14, 2022
The first ballot consists of the names of all members with exception of current office holders and 4 past
presidents. It goes by email to all active on Thursday July 14, 2022. Votes must be received by the Secretary
before midnight July 19, 2022. The top 8 vote getters will be on the second ballot, going to all active and by
email on Thursday, July 21, 2022 Ballots must be received by the Secretary before midnight July 26, 2022.
There are four choices on voting – choose only one:
• You can forward the ballot email to the Club Secretary at erclubsecretary@gmail.com typing in the four names you
vote for.
• You can call the Club Secretary at 484-201 3335 and leave a voice mail giving the four names you vote for.
• You can text the Club Secretary at 484-201 3335 typing in the four names you vote for.
• You can postal mail your vote to the Club Secretary at the below address, but it must arrive by the deadlines to be
counted. You can dispense with your name here. We trust Rotarians to vote ethically.
The four Board of Directors selected will go out by email to the Club soon after the votes are tallied.
Jean Onyambu
Secretary, Emmaus Rotary Club
1055 Centronia Road
Breinigsville, PA