#1 – We Still need 6 or 7 more Volunteers for the Baseball Games on Saturday, October 12TH. The Games start at 10:00 AM, 11:30 AM & 1:00 PM. We will have sign-up sheets on the Tables this week at Rotary for you to Sign-Up. Please try to check your schedules to see if you are available for the last Baseball Games at the Miracle League until next year. This will be part of our Club's Make a Difference Day. Please come about 15 minutes early and wear your green Emmaus Rotary Works tee shirt.

#2 – Please Remember to bring any Tabs you have from Soda, Beer, Tuna Fish, Sardines, Soup & Cat & Dog Food Cans to Rotary THIS WEEK, OCTOBER 10TH. I will be taking them to the Miracle League on Saturday, October 12TH.

#3 – Please bring Halloween Packaged Candy (Or Put a Cash Donation in the Jar on the Registration Desk at Rotary This Week) to be used in Our Trick or Treat Booth at the Miracle Leagues Halloween Night on Wednesday Night October 23, 2019. Our Booth will be operated by the Emmaus HS Interact Club, assisted by Tony Moyer.