Good morning everyone!
We are in need of your help.
Joshua Scoble is a 16 years old boy living in Emmaus and has Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva (FOB) since 3 months old.  Last year Joshua's Future of Promises (FOB) Bingo for a Cure raised $90,000 for FOB Research and over the past 16 years his family have raised $1.3 M for FOB research!!
On 3/19/23 is the next bingo for this great organization and they could still use some help.
How can we help?
1. We could help make baked goods for them to sell at the bake sale the day of the bingo event. (eg. a few cookies in a small baggie). 
2. We could donate any type of $20 gift card for them to use in their raffle baskets the day of the bingo event.
Both of these can be dropped off at Karen Hobson's home 2 Stoklea Drive, Emmaus. The gift cards can be dropped off any time but the baked goods can be dropped off on Saturday, March 18.  Karen's cell number is 484-560-1711.
3. Help is needed with Set-up : tables, chairs, programs, (last year 1,400 were at the event), at the Agr-Plex on Saturday morning, 3/18/23 from 10 am - until noon, pizza then follows.
4. Help is needed at Tear Down : 5 pm - this is physical work and should take approximately 1 hour on Sunday, 19th March at the Agr-Plex.
Here is a link on sign up genius to sign up:
Bingo is at the Agr-Plex Hall in Allentown Fairgrounds on Sunday, 19th March,  Doors open 10.30 am, Bingo Begins at 1 pm. Tickets are $35 (and a $4 processing fee added) and at the Door $40.  Tickets can also be purchased online and at Buss Paints, see flyer for more information.
For more information go to 
Thank you in advance for all of your help to support this great event and great cause!!