Posted by Mike Waddell
Many thanks to the 47 ERC members who completed the newsletter survey and gave me their thoughts about what is working well and some possible changes.  I'll share the overall results of the survey in another article, but, for now I am making two changes.  First, the Upcoming Events in the left column will be moved up for easier access.  As part of this move the Calendar of Events/Here's What's Happening at the bottom of the newsletter will be phased out as the events new items will be placed in that spot.  Also, using the Events widget allows the event chairs to access some functionality to send emails, etc. that should be helpful to them. Second,
we found that that there was a settings error for stories that we tried to split and that is now resolved so that the longer stories can now be split and there will be a Read More button to click on if you want to continue reading that article.