Posted by Rick Zayaitz
         I have been in Rotary for over 8 years.  Something I learned at RLI (Rotary Leadership Institute) was that Rotary has 6 main areas of focus.  The areas of focus are: Promoting peace, Providing clean water, Saving Mothers and Children, Supporting Education, Growing Local Economies, and Fighting Disease.  This week I will dedicate a few lines to Promoting peace.  The picture below is depicting one of the fastest growing areas of pain in the US……..Domestic Abuse.   We support Turning Point which is a Lehigh Valley organization with the goal of helping anyone in need who is or has been unfortunate enough to be abused by a spouse or family member. 
         Many Rotary organizations dedicate their fund-raising concerns to help people who suffer from domestic abuse.  If you would like more information about what Rotarians do around the world please go to  And if you are not signed up please sign up and learn about our global organization. 
        We have our major fundraiser coming up on Monday, October 15, 2018.   Please help wherever or however 
you can, so we can continue our support of the 6 areas of focus, both locally and globally.  See you Thursday morning and then again on Monday, at Brookside Country Club for our annual golf Fundraiser.   
Together we can help stop Domestic Abuse