Hola desde Sunny, caliente y húmeda Riveria Maya México!!!
I am enjoying my vacation in Riveria Maya Mexico with my family and extended family.  We are having a blast and I would say on day 5 I am about completely decompressed.  Rotary International is everywhere!  I was at breakfast yesterday morning and walked by a table and heard the words, "Have you ever heard of Rotary International?  I was an exchange student through this club."  I just smiled and walked past.  Was that a sign?  Either way this incredible organization is all around us and continues to make the world a better place.
Best wishes to Ashley Lorah at this week's ERC meeting as she presents her classification talk.  It is always my favorite presentation to attend as I really enjoy getting to know the members and their story.  Sorry I am going to miss it Ashley.  I will be sure to watch the video on YouTube upon my return.
I am very proud and honored to be your 2019-2020 ERC President.  The changeover was one of the neatest days I have experienced in a very long time, if not the best of the best.  Congratulations to Rick Zayaitz our Immediate Past President.  Rick was and continues to be an incredible leader in Emmaus Rotary.  I feel blessed to follow his tenure and know we will proceed with his endeavors to make our community and world a better place.  Thank you Rick!
Have a great week everyone.  See you all on July 18th for The Club Assembly.  Lots to review and many to honor.  Please do your best to attend this meeting.
All the best
Steve Gould
2019-2020 ERC President