Hello Emmaus Rotary,
Thank you to everyone who attended last week's Board of Directors meeting.  When you think you know what you’re doing and are fully prepared, reality hits!!! Last week was the first time I ran a Board Meeting....check that off the list!  What a challenge from sitting on the sidelines...motion this, second that, discussion, call for the question....When?  Man what a ride!  I took good notes so the next Board meeting may seem like your President has done this before.  Either way, I am really enjoying the opportunity to lead our club through a successful year.  And I’ll make a Motion and Second that!!!  :)
I again encourage all Emmaus Rotarians to sign up and get involved with the committees.  So far sign ups have been healthy and many of you have joined several committees.  Thank you.  You will certainly heighten your experience in the ERC by getting involved in service work.
See you all Thursday.  Not sure what I have tucked up my sleeve for this week, however, I’m sure it will be something to create some raised eyebrows!
Steve Gould
2019-2020 ERC President