Hey Emmaus Rotary!!! Guess what month it is??  August is Rotary's Membership Month!!!
Believe it or not, I found the above image which is perfect for one of this year's membership initiatives.  "Each One, Bring One" is actually an existing Rotary tag line.  I promise I didn't make this up!!!!  There are others out there that understand that everyone's Rotary Journey begins by being invited to a meeting. 
Who do you know in your life that needs some networking, wants to give back to the community and is a go-getter?  We all know them!  So let's do it.  I encourage each Emmaus Rotarian to take some time and write down some names of individuals you feel would be great Rotarians and reach out to them.  The ask is easy.  Who would not want to take advantage of having a free breakfast and meeting the great members at Emmaus Rotary?
Remember, our goal is for every Emmaus Rotary member to bring at least one guest to a breakfast meeting in the 2019-2020 Emmaus Rotary year.
This Thursday's meeting we will induct some super new members to our club.  This meeting represents the essence of why and how Rotary grows.  Please come out to welcome our newest members.
See you Thursday.
Steve Gould
2019-2020 ERC President