Posted by Steve Gould
Greetings Emmaus Rotarians,
Another week has passed!  It is amazing how quickly everything is moving anymore.  With that said, we are just about to the end of our second month of this 2019-2020 Rotary Year.  That only means one thing, everyone has 10 more months to contemplate who their 1 best guest is to invite to one of our meetings.  Remember, it's an easy pitch!!!   """Can I treat you to breakfast at Brookside Country Club this Thursday to meet some people making a difference in the world!"""  Who would not take you up on that.  
Committees continue to grow.  I am so appreciative for those who have signed on to a committee and are getting engaged outside of our weekly meetings.  Committees are truly the essence of the Rotary experience and the organize and make our efforts reality.  We will be having the sign up sheets there for another few weeks so those of you who have not chosen a committee, please take some time to sign up so you can be part of the communications between the committee members.
Reminder to all, there is a Board Meeting, this Thursday August 22, 2019 directly following the general meeting.  All are welcome and it is another way you can make up a meeting you may have missed.
All the best.  Looking forward to seeing everyone Thursday.
Steve Gould
2019-2020 ERC President