Hello Emmaus Rotary,
This Thursday Morning 7:30 AM at The Gather on Chestnut Street in Shimerville is our last meeting for January.  January is Rotary Awareness Month!  I really like the above quote from Paul Harris, our Founder.  Read it because it means so much.  Bring a guest this Thursday!  Bring a guest that understands Goodwill and Service Above Self!!!
We had a very productive Board Meeting last Thursday.  I'm proud of what we are accomplishing on so many levels.  I love the word Transparency and I'm happy and proud to report the leaders of your club are doing just that!  We are continually diving in and working progressively to create a more organized and efficient culture.  The goal is this will allow us to advance forward and not lose any ground year after year as the Leadership of our club is liquid.  Please keep giving your feedback and suggestions as this is helping us uncover what needs attention.
I have a surprise for Thursday's meeting.  I will be announcing another new Committee!!!  I have definitely abused my Presidential Power to form new committees so far and I don't see an end to that anytime soon!
Thanks for everything every Member is being a part of.  Our Club is super busy and it is all because of you!!
See you Thursday!
Steve Gould
2019-2020 ERC President