Hello Emmaus Rotary,
What a year!!!  What a month!!!  What a week!!!  What a day!!!  What the heck?????
As I sit here in by myself in Naples Florida(long story) trying to put together my thoughts, I continue to be proud to lead us through these unprecedented times.  We are all enduring so much.  Each and everyone one of us has a story to tell.  Our bond will last forever and our desire to make the world a better place will keep us connected through the thickest of challenges.  Thank you for staying your course in your personal journey with Emmaus Rotary.  I can not express enough my appreciation for The Emmaus Rotary Club.  This club has guided me, created personal structure and has presented a level of support I will never be able to express in any way shape or form.  I am confident we will come out of this stronger and more willing to continue our efforts to make our community and world around us a better place.
I hope to see everyone at 7:30AM this Thursday at our Virtual Meeting.  We also have a Board of Directors meeting immediately following our meeting at 8:30AM.  All members are welcome.
Below is our BOD Agenda.
All the best to everyone.
Steve Gould
2019-2020 ERC President