Dear Emmaus Rotarians,

     One of the instructors last February in the PETS-Training*   at Valley Forge was talking about ‘being a vibrant club’. He said, “Only 44% of Rotarians would recommend their club.”  And I thought that is a crazy low number but the proverbial bell rang before I could get my hand up and everyone rushed the door for lunch! 

     So what do you think?

     Once again, is Emmaus Rotary above average?

      I just know that most of us would brag on and recommend our club when talking to a prospective member. Right? We would mention our service projects both locally and around the globe. And the fellowship! We might even go overboard noting how much we liked each other and how much fun we had together. Some of us would remark on personal growth in leadership and as a  contributor to the life of our community. 

     Emmaus Rotary is an embodiment of Rotary International’s current mission statement. I think we could have written it! 


Together, we see a world where people

       unite and take action to make a lasting

       change across the globe, in our communities 

and in our selves.


       Please re-read that statement.

        I plan to find it in a grand graphic format for us to use from time to time as we close our regular Thursday morning meetings. 


Together, we....

Lexa Shallcross

President Emmaus Rotary 2020-2021



*Presidents-elect Training, held annually