Fellow Rotarians,
     Have you heard the expression that the right-hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing? Of course, you have. Sometimes it is a description of inept, uncoordinated actions by an individual or group. At other times, it is used to describe a firewall that preserves the purity of motivations which may become self-serving when money is involved.
     I want us all to know what the right hand AND the left hand are doing. First, because it is all good stuff which flows from our motto of "Service Above Self".
And, secondly, all of you all continue to amaze me with your dedication to Rotary and our values and priorities.
     Let's start with the open right hand which is reaching out into our community. We have requested and received approval for two district grants. One is a special Covid19 relief grant which we wrote to get relief to both the Emmaus and the Macungie Ambulances for additional PPE and supplies needed during these difficult times.  The second one is to help the new Emmaus Creative Arts and Innovative Center get up and running. In order to open the facility to the public, there needs to be the installation of a public, wheel-chair accessible bathroom. We requested $5,000 in district grant money and have budgeted a $5,000 match. The district money for both of these grants will be released late August or early September. 
     It was fun to listen in on zoom to Monday night's Board Meeting for the Borough of Emmaus. The team from the Emmaus Creative Arts and Innovative Center petitioned the Board to partner with them in requesting a CARES grant for almost 2 million dollars. They were questioned about local support and pointed to our grant and backing as the Emmaus Rotary Club. Their request carried. I like to think that we had a finger on that scale. 
     Now, the left-hand. The hand that slips the dollars into a pocket. Let me repeat: basically, money for our projects for this fiscal year is secure. It was raised last year, most notably by the 12th Annual Emmaus Golf Outing which has been our major fundraising event for several years now. We may have to scramble a bit if this pandemic and the economy's downturn continue to create food insecurity in the homes of East Penn School District students. Time will tell. And we will pivot to meet those needs.
     This year it will be a challenge to raise money in familiar, tried and true ways as public health requirements call for masks, social distancing, and limited group sizes. Nevertheless, we have an oversight committee looking for creative ways forward. This effort is led by Mike Wadell, the "Czar" for Fundraising and his "Czsarettes".  They will be making a report at the Board meeting on Thursday, August 27, 2020.
     The Emmaus Rotary 13th Annual Golf Tournament
    is scheduled for Monday, September 14, 2020.  
     Putting in the time, effort and their own funds, Mario, Rick, John C., John Z., Gordon, Eric, Steve, Don have found at least four - 4- count 'em significant sponsors. Once again, AI  Orthodontics and Eric Loch Diamond Jewelers have stepped up as major sponsors. 
     Here's what you can do.
     You can gather a foursome and sign up to play a round at Brookside Country on September 14th. AND
     You can buy one and sell some other raffle tickets:
     They are an easy sell.... at only $50 each and with great prizes!
     The first prize is a $4,000 diamond bracelet donated by Eric J. Loch Diamond Jewelers! 
     The other prizes are a $1,000 gift card to PA Wine and Spirit's Store and a $1,000  card to Shangy's Beer Authority.
      Go to www.ercgolf.com and purchase raffle tickets today.
      We need to sell 300 to meet the team's fun fundraising goal.
     AND You can be a winner holding one of these prizes in your right hand. 
  Good luck,
  Lexa Shallcross
  President Emmaus Rotary 2020-2021