Happy 4th of July Emmaus Rotarians

      What a fabulous time of the year.  Every Rotary club, every Rotary District and even our executive leadership at Rotary International have transferred leadership to new leadership to begin a new Rotary year.

       Burt Duren our immediate Past President has passed the gravel to myself Rick Zayaitz, Steve Gould and Lexa Shall cross.

        Rick Grommis our Past District Govenor has passed the District’s gavel to Cindy Horneman, and Herb Klotz.  Last Thursday we enjoyed two extremely important events: the passing of the gavel at our breakfast meeting and the passing of the gavel at our District change over meeting both held at Brookside Country Club in Macungie.  If you missed either one make it a “have to do next year” as both of these events epitomize what Rotary is about.

         With the inspiration from the new Rotary International President Barry Rassin our new motto for 2018 – 2019 is “Be the inspiration”.  We as Rotarians can always be the inspiration for our families, friends, mentors, communities, etc.  In our club we will are striving to “Be the Inspiration” for especially for our community. 

          In this coming year I look forward to working with all of our members making a difference in our local as well as our international community.