Posted by Rick Zayaitz
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Hope everyone enjoyed the wonderful weekend!!!
        While we enjoyed ourselves with the beautiful weather this weekend I hope you had the opportunity to reflect on the men and women that gave us the freedom to enjoy weekends like this.  Emmaus had a wonderful Memorial Day parade from the High School to the triangle at 4th and North st.  They took the time to remember all that gave from our community.  The list was long, and sad but made me proud to be from a community that remembers those who lost their lives to give us the freedoms we enjoy every day. 
        This Thursday if you have a minute when you come into our meeting take a moment and say thank you to anyone in our club that has served.  I had several WWII veterans that worked with me when I had my business.  One of the finest was Frank, who is now in the Mosser Nursing facility with his wife Betty and probably will be for some time to come.  I can remember walking into my church and listening to Frank and the other WWII vets talking about the good exploits of the war.  They always stayed away from the memories that created the depression soldiers feel after they return home.  We owe so much to these men and women that have given so much.  To say we appreciate what they gave is a understatement but a firm thank you certainly goes a long way to easing some of those memories they keep hidden within themselves.          
  Memorial day was started almost 151 years ago by a General Logan from the civil war(Decoration Day as it was called in 1868).  After the war with so many national cemeteries people around the country started observing by placing flowers on the graves of the fallen along with saying prayers.  In 1971 it became a national holiday.  We celebrate this holiday sometimes without remembering the reason for the day of remembrance.  Take the time to remember, to thank, and to appreciate what we have, because of others that have given so much.  
Yours in Service,