Rotary inspires students along with educational partnerships
For the past two weeks, we have heard from Shannon Boyle, the Head of Swain, a private school, and Kristin Campbell, our new East Penn School District superintendent.  What have we learned?  Both structures help our students learn, in one system smaller classroom sizes, as we compare that to the public system with larger classroom sizes.  While other differences may exist, all of our students at both locations are learning how to exist in a new world where technology seems to be the King.  Both schools accomplish this task in different ways, Swain allows a less structured academic learning situation with a hands-on approach without having to teach to State or Federal mandates.  East Penn also focuses on the STEM subjects using programs like Makerspace, Inquiry, FOSS-Investigations, and Robotics. The point is all of these students are very lucky on all levels to enjoy an education which makes for a better foundation for success in life.  
                                     Swain School 
EHS SADD/ Kid to Kid Invited to âShare the Keysâ Event at Wells Fargo Center
                                      East Penn School District
Sometimes at this time of the year, we forget how blessed we are. 
Remember no matter which education system, the students and their families have little blips in life where everyone needs a little help from others. 
Reach out to others this charitable time of the year.  Give if you can, use your talents if you cannot but remember "it is better to give than to receive". 
Last week Emmaus Rotary gave three families a little Christmas help.  We changed the lives of these families. 
Please remember that these students are our future and as such we can help direct them through life's little blips with a little help. 
Change lives..... if you cannot give of your time, your talents or treasures find ways to help create the future leaders we have in our schools right now.  
Yours in Service, 
Rick Zayaitz