Posted by Richard Zayaitz
Scenic View of Ocean During Sunset
           I hope everyone enjoyed the unofficial start of summer this weekend.  Beautiful sunsets to be had by all.  We are ending our journey together with a lot of new ideas, hopes, and dreams to pass onto the next administration.  I am looking at our annual goals and I would like everyone to look at their Foundation giving for the year.  If you have not given, please consider giving at least $5, as it is the foundation that gives us the monies to eventually do a lot of the wonderful giving to our own community and for our global grants.   I appreciate everyone that has helped bring a new person to our cub this year.  We are close to achieving our goals of member retention and member additions.  Thank you to all of our new members for making Rotary your home for your service time. 
          We have enjoyed a year of interesting, passionate, knowledgeable and controversial speakers.   We have always tried to keep our speakers as non-partisan as possible.  I look forward to a new year to see what new and passionate speakers we will see next year.  Our rules will not change for speakers, non-partisan,  non-religious, (unless specifically asked) and affiliated to a 501C3 or non-profit.  As we look forward to next year I want to say a special thank you to everyone who has made this year entertaining, thoughtful, motivating, and especially rewarding for me and our executive committee.   All organizations have issues and it is my belief that it is how they handle the issues that makes or breaks a club.  
          Next week we will vote on adding a new member group to our community.  The East Penn Employees and Staff member group.  I realize that this is a new concept.  We are adding the East Penn School District for new opportunities for our club and for value.  It will give us the opportunity to have a new membership classification, along with new ideas.  I do realize we are starting them off at a significantly lower membership level.   First they will not be attending 75% of our meetings because they are developing youthful minds on a Thursday morning.  We look forward to them coming to our morning when time allows in the summer months, to see what we do and how we do it.  Rotary International is looking for ways to expand our clubs and reach our potential.  This type of membership is happening all over the district and all over the world.  Our group will again be the first of its kind that actually invites their school district employees and staff to be part of Rotary.   We are always within our Rotary International boundaries when we look to do something new in our club.
    I will have a few things to say over the next few weeks about my year as President.  Thank you to all of my committee chairs that have spent an enormous amount of time giving back to the community we live in.  You are the best club in our district (this is my humble Opinion).
Rick Zayaitz