Welcome to the Emmaus Rotary Club!
We meet at 7:30 AM on Thursday mornings
at Brookside Country Club, 901 Willow Lane, Macungie, PA 18062
District 7430  Club 5427
2019-2020 President 
Steve Gould                        
District 7430 Governor
Herb Klotz
Assistant Governor Area 1
Barb Bottitta
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Jan 30, 2020
The Importance of Gathering/A mission to spread awareness about organ donations
Feb 06, 2020
The Wildlands Conservancy
Feb 13, 2020
Feb 20, 2020
Preparing for the 2019 Tax Deadline
Feb 27, 2020
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Gather at Gather this Week
Rotarians- we are meeting at the Gather Meeting and Event Center at 5402 Chestnut St., Emmaus, PA on Thursday morning with our regular breakfast meeting schedule.  You take Rte. 29 out of Emmaus and turn right into the driveway where you see the white Gather sign (see above) which is next to Hendrixsons Furniture.
Following is the breakfast menu….
Your choice of two entrees:
~Mild Green Chile Egg, Bacon & Jack Breakfast Enchiladas (hot sauce on the side)
~Bacon, Caramelized Onion, White Cheddar Egg Bake 
~Meat Lovers Egg and Mozzarella Bake
~Egg Bacon and Cheddar on Mini Kaisers
~Country Sausage Gravy and Biscuits
~Farmer's Breakfast Red & Yukon Pan Seared Home Fries
~Smoked Country Ham with Maple Glaze
Coffee, tea and juice.
Our speakers will be Cindie Feldman, owner of Gather and Anil Srivatsa from the Rotary Club of Bangalore, India who will talk about his life changing experience with an organ donation.  Anil has traveled to over 43 countries talking about organ donations--he will address the following points by telling his story as he states it----
- How I dealt with all the fears associated with organ donation
- My journey through the  legal and procedural  issues that plagues Organ Donation around the world
- Speaking about concerns that only first-hand interactions with a living donor can help address.
- what it takes to truly become an organ donor by throwing light on what happens after you sign up.
- I deal with religious and superstitious myths that surround Organ Donation and busting them would help save lives.
President's Message
Hello Emmaus Rotary,
This Thursday Morning 7:30 AM at The Gather on Chestnut Street in Shimerville is our last meeting for January.  January is Rotary Awareness Month!  I really like the above quote from Paul Harris, our Founder.  Read it because it means so much.  Bring a guest this Thursday!  Bring a guest that understands Goodwill and Service Above Self!!!
We had a very productive Board Meeting last Thursday.  I'm proud of what we are accomplishing on so many levels.  I love the word Transparency and I'm happy and proud to report the leaders of your club are doing just that!  We are continually diving in and working progressively to create a more organized and efficient culture.  The goal is this will allow us to advance forward and not lose any ground year after year as the Leadership of our club is liquid.  Please keep giving your feedback and suggestions as this is helping us uncover what needs attention.
I have a surprise for Thursday's meeting.  I will be announcing another new Committee!!!  I have definitely abused my Presidential Power to form new committees so far and I don't see an end to that anytime soon!
Thanks for everything every Member is being a part of.  Our Club is super busy and it is all because of you!!
See you Thursday!
Steve Gould
2019-2020 ERC President
Is Your Sock Drawer in Order? 
January is Get Organized Month! On January 23, 2020 Diane Albright, Certified Professional Organizer and Productivity Consultant, gave us some pointers on how to get ourselves "Organizing to Success".  Members were given a step by step productivity guide on how to achieve goal setting, design a master to-do-list, and create a repetitive task checklist.  
We also learned that by carving out just 10 minutes a day to dedicate to our organizational goals our small steps can add up big time! 
Here are some helpful take-aways for you to get started on your goals. 
  • Be exact and specific with what your tasks are in order to meet your goal. 
  • Notice that your to-do list will start with a verb. Perfect for people of action like us! 
  • Update your list throughout the day.  (At work and at the end of the day at home) 
  • Consider making a household maintenance checklist. Task by month and delegate!
Click here to listen to Diane's presentation if you missed last week's meeting or just need a refresher.  You can also see the best way to fold your socks! Steve, did you spend 10 minutes on your sock drawer yet? 
If you'd like the handout from last week's meeting hit the read more button.  Learn more at 
4 Way Speech Contest 
Image may contain: text
Volunteers are needed to assist with the ERC 4-Way Speech Contest at Emmaus High School on February 13th - 6 PM - 7:30 PM.  Volunteers are also needed to assist with the District 7430 North Region Speech Contest at Willow Lane Elementary School on March 28th - 10 AM - 12 PM.
Please contact Anthony Moyer (  610-295-7691) if you are able to help at either or both events. 
Our Annual 4-Way Speech Contest provides EHS students with an opportunity to share their passions and persuade others.  Participants challenge themselves and others and improve critical thinking and ethical decision making skills.  They have an opportunity to become individuals who inspire and motivate others to have a positive influence upon their friends, their community, and the world at large.  While competing in a supportive, non-threatening environment, participants will have a chance to earn significant prize money as well as recognition and awards which enhance their college resumes.  
Each participant chooses the topic of his/her speech.  The purpose of the speech is to persuade others while applying the principles of the Rotary 4-Way Test.  The issue to be addressed should be from the speaker's personal experience or general knowledge.  At least 5 volunteers are needed to staff the contest - including judges, a timekeeper, and a teller who announces the winners.
Community Service Collections 
The Community Service Committee is currently collecting the following items: 
  • New Bath Towels for Turning Point.
  • New Sweatpants for Boys and Girls in sizes Kids Small, Medium and Large and also Kids underwear (both sexes) size 4  - 10.  Donations are being delivered Lincoln Elementary School in Emmaus for students in need. 
See Karen and Nicole with your contributions at our next meeting.
Fellowship Pancake Supper! 
Pinned on ERC's Bulletin Board
IMPORTANT! Brookside CC will be closed the following Thursdays: 
January 30, 2020 - Meeting at Gather Meeting & Events (5402 Chestnut St. Emmaus) Normal meeting time.
February 6, 2020  - Meeting at the Wildlands Conservancy (3701 Orchard Pl. Emmaus) Normal meeting time.
Beginning Thursday, February 13, 2020 payment for your weekly breakfast will be $15.00.  Your $15.00 payment will include a Door Prize Raffle Ticket. There will be ONE winner each week. The winner will receive either a $20.00 cash prize or a donated prize for that meeting valued at at least $20.00  There will no longer be a buy in for a 50/50 raffle ticket.  This is a creative way to offset the recent price increase by Brookside Country Club and will help run our meeting more efficiently.  If you or your business would like to donate a $20.00 value door prize please contact Meghan Reed.  
Save the dates!
Beef & Beer Scholarship Fundraiser - Thursday, April 23, 2020 from 6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. at the House and Barn.
Upcoming Committee Meetings:
Membership Committee - Thursday, January 30, 2020 at 7:00 a.m. prior to our club meeting. 
(Does your committee have an upcoming meeting? Let Meghan know and we will list it here)

Check the list below to see if you are scheduled to serve as Greeter & Raffle, Sign-in Table, Invocation or EREY.

If you will not be at the meeting when you have an assignment, it is your responsibility to arrange for another member to swap with you or cover for you.

NOTE-Changes may be made from previous editions of the TRUMPET...check here before each meeting.

Thank you for taking your turn and helping Emmaus Rotary run a smooth, fun and friendly meeting.

January 30, 2020 
(note this meeting is to be held at Gather Meetings and Events 5402 Chestnut Street Emmaus, PA 18409

Greeter - Reed

-table - Kraus and Lorah

Invocation - Lahanas

EREY- Mastroianni


February 6, 2020
(note this meeting is to be held at The Wildlands Conservancy 3701 Orchid Pl, Emmaus, Pennsylvania 18049)

Greeter - McNealis

-table - McElhaney and Prokop  

Invocation - Raynock

EREY- Peaslee


February 13, 2020

Greeter - Nonemacher

-table - Parks and Price  

Invocation - Reese

EREY- Newhart


February 20, 2020

Greeter - Rohrbach (Gary)

-table - Ruggieri and Reichley  

Invocation - Ruiz-Orbin

EREY- Roberts 

Service above Self.