New Emmaus Rotarian and a self-described "risk taker", Christina Price gave her Classification at the regular Thursday morning meeting on August 16, 2018. Price divided her life story into two 20 year segments. As she spoke about her early years, we learned of her resiliency, self-motivation and the importance of both having responsibility like caring for horses and having caring grandparents.  In these last 20 years, she has enjoyed marriage and motherhood as she advanced her career.  
     Price is the director of marketing at Legends of Allentown, the newly opened senior residence and memory care center on Lower Macungie Road.  Emmaus Rotary will be Legends guest at a fellowship event which includes a reception, refreshments and a facility tour on Thursday, September 27.
     In order to advance in her career, Price studied at DeSales and earned her bachelors degree in marketing and sales. She was working full-time and raising a family so she answered "nine years' when asked by her daughter how long it took her to get her degree. Her daughter responded with another question, "shouldn't you be a doctor, or something?"!!