Posted by Mike Waddell
Last week we were treated to a presentation about using ClubRunner by John Chisca and Eileen Prokop.  We all have access to ClubRunner which has loads of information for us as Rotarians.  Perhaps most importantly we were reminded about how to log's our firstname.lastname.6560 and Service 1 is the password.  Once in you can go to your profile and change the password if you want to.  One of several areas that can be extremely helpful is the View Club Directory.  This is a list of all club members and has contact information that we all seem to need at some need to print out the club roster spreadsheets anymore!  This area should be very helpful to committee chairs who, hopefully, will be able to build committee rosters there.  Sending emails is also an option to all of us just by following the step by step instructions.  There is also a very large area for club documents if you're looking for past newsletters, by-laws, etc.  A very important place to visit periodically is checking your club attendance at My Attendance.  We should all be striving for perfect attendance so click on the My Attendance link on the left side and you'll have an immediate look at how you're doing thanks to Jim Palmquist.
The presentation had quite a bit of detail about the functionality of ClubRunner and this member's suggestion is to review the meeting via this link to the video  Also, don't be afraid to just go in and wander around to see what's may be surprised.
Also, sorry, no pictures.  I was so engrossed in the presentation that I forgot to take pictures!