September was Cancer awareness month for Childhood Cancer.  Our programs were booked and we had to wait until November to hear and learn more about childhood cancer and its effects on a local family.  Emily Knudson was a former employee of mine when I owned he Emmaus Bakery.  Her Father Andy Werner Partner of Chris DePaolo was my accountant.  Andy and Maggie his wife were so proud of their first grandchild Jack.  Jack was his life.  All he could talk about, Emily's and Howie's first child.  Emily and Howie met at Northeast University where both of them received their Master's in Children's physical therapy.  Just a little about Emily's and Howie.  Jack, William and their adopted daughter Mimi were a family.  Jack was 4 years old.  He was having trouble with his clothes.  Both parents are in Health care.  They knew they needed to see the Dr right away.  An airlift from LVHN to CHOPS in Philadelphia.  As she describes the helicopter ride I was in a helicopter with three healthy children.  Jack was diagnosed with Brain Cancer.  After an operation on an inoperable tumor, some of the tumor was removed. 
      Jack survived the operation, they had to try to do something because Jack was stroking.  The Dr. was not even certain Jack was going to survive the original operation.  After three days in Intensive care Jack was on a long road to getting better.  He is now 14 and the cancer is still there.  He goes to school every day.  But Emily and Howie and William and Mimi never know what tomorrow will bring.  Their new normal.  Jack has some difficulty with his sight, his sight is half gone, his right side is compromised, but Jack is a trooper.  Jack as Andy says is a very special child.  He makes everyone happy.  Jack will be entering high school next year in the Southern Lehigh school district, and trying out for the track team shot putting, yes he is that special.  The coach was a little apprehensive but after talking with his teachers who said to the coach "you would love to have 100 kids with the heart, passion and focus" that Jack has. 
       One of the most difficult things they had to endure as parents was the time they had to spend with Jack.  Both of the other children, William and Mimi were not getting the attention that Emily knew that they deserved.  A really tough problem for Emily and Howie.  If you ever have the chance to meet Emily you will understand.  She is a barrel of energy and full of love for her family. 
      Emily is still figuring out her new normal with the help and understanding of her family.  Howie, William, and Mimi are all on board with their brother.  If you missed the program, it will be up on you Tube in approximately two weeks.  It is a story worth watching and listening to.  Pictures will be available there.