Thursday, May 9, 2019, Emmaus Rotary hosted Rotarians from North East England for breakfast at Brookside Country Club. This was part of a reciprical  Rotary Friendship Exchange between Districts 1030 and 7430. With good humor, the English told us about themselves, their families, their several Rotary clubs and the service projects they are involved in currently.
It was both heart wrenching and inspiring to learn about the work their district is doing for the "Chernobyl Children" who live in a radioactive wasteland in Belarus. Alan and Vera Wade, from Stockton, knew they had to act after reading a 3 inch article in their local newspaper. Children visit in England for one month where they receive medical care, TLC, clothing, etc. This short visit adds years to their lives. Rotary also is partnering with other groups and individuals to send caravans with medical supplies, food and clothing into Belarus. Recently, the effort has led them all into providing hospice care and supplies.