I trust you all enjoyed the holiday weekend.  Donna and I just returned this afternoon from our mountain house in Virginia.  It was a short, but enjoyable trip during which we enjoyed meals with friends, an overnight visit with our son and daughter-in-law, and the satisfaction of completing chores around the house.  When you are can only be present in a place occasionally, it’s amazing how much the tree pruning, gardening and general yard clean-up can get a little out of hand! Add in higher-than-average rainfall and Mother Nature can begin to overtake “civilization” in a few spots.

While my battle with the forest in Virginia is not a perfect analogy, members who are unable to attend meetings or participate in service projects on a regular basis can sometimes find their activities outside of Rotary overtaking their commitment to service and fellowship.

We have been blessed with good attendance and participation in recent months.  But, our comradery and service impact will be even greater if our attendance and participation rates improve.  Can I ask each of you to think about a member you haven’t seen in a while and reach out to him or her with a call or message?  Let them know they are missed and invite them to join us at an upcoming meeting.  Even if they are unable to attend for a while, I’m sure they will appreciate your communication and good wishes.

Yours in Rotary,