Hi Friends!

Our Czar, aka President Mike Waddell, is enjoying a family vacation and asked if the Queen of Fun would step up to help with this week’s President’s  message.  Naturally I accepted. Stepping up is sort of what Rotary is all about isn’t it? 

I see A LOT of stepping up happening around our Club and it inspires me. All too often we hear how negative the world can be, but I gotta tell you guys, Rotary has become a source of positivity and motivation that helps me to not fall into the doom and gloom trap.

We have all made a choice to be the good in the world, to be the change makers, to be the helpers, to be friends, to be better! It is down right exciting to witness and it has changed my life. Has it changed yours?

Thank you to all you ERC stepper uppers, you’re feeding families, creating incredible opportunities for our youth, supporting veterans, volunteering countless community service hours, lending a hand to the less fortunate, helping to fund our projects, creating a welcome Club for all to serve….and so much more. 

While much of the work we do can be quite, diligent, and behind the scenes, it has a profound ripple effect in our community.  Each ripple or splash we make to help others makes me proud beyond measure to be called an Emmaus Rotarian. Here’s to stepping up, jumping in, and making big waves together!

So Czar Waddell….I hope that you and your grandkids do a giant cannonball in the pool this week in the name Rotary!

Yours In Service

Meghan Reed - President-Elect