This is a story about how Rotarians turned to solutions because of addiction.  If we all can remember back several months ago we had a female speaker talk about the effects of opioids, not only on the person using, or the family, or the deaths of loved ones but the effects it can have on whole communities.  We have all probably seen someone or know of someone dealing with these issues.  It is not from a poor family upbringing, it is not peer pressure, it is everything life can throw at you and more.  Take a moment and read about what some New England Rotarians have done to help change the stigma and then get results.  This is an excerpt from the article found in MY Rotary.  If you are inclined to want to read more, please copy and paste the address above into your browser window.  I think you will be amazed how we can help.   

Fathers turn pain into healing solutions

Rotary members destigmatize opioid recovery

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A father’s concern and fear propelled sleepless Ben Lowry, an attorney in Portland, Maine, out into the streets one evening searching for his eldest son. 

Just a year earlier, his son had been in college studying engineering when he began using drugs, including opioids. Lowry’s family spent more than $100,000 on treatment and recovery programs before Lowry gave his son an ultimatum: stop using or move out. His son moved out.

Now, hearing the wail of sirens on this cold fall night, Lowry feared the worst.

“Someone said there was an overdose nearby, and I hurried over, thinking it was my son,” Lowry said, his voice cracking with emotion. “There was a young woman dead in the street, probably in her 20s. It’s a very difficult thing to see, especially when your son is living out there.”