Posted by Lexa Shallcross
       Pennsylvania German farmers across our area would gather pigs by calling "Soo-ee, sooo-ee...".
Emmaus Rotarians are also asked to bring their little pigs home.... Fill those blue piggy banks and bring them in to be counted and credited to your giving.
          Our  Foundation Committee is using these little blue plastic piggy banks as a fun way to encourage our giving to the Rotary Foundation.  It is another reminder that each Rotarian is asked to give $100 a year toward supporting the ways we try to serve the world. That is called EREY or Every Rotarian Every Year. 
     The average amount collected in one full piggy bank is $25 to $30. Fill it four times and you are credited with full EREY completion for that Rotary year. Rotarian Bill Erdman, our Foundation Co-chair, will gladly get you a piggy bank and accept it when you have filled it. He oversees its counting and makes sure your giving account is credited.
     The Rotary Foundation is rated 4 stars by Charity Navigator. The grants and scholarships awarded by the Rotary Foundation support first, our commitment to END POLIO NOW and, also, our six areas of concern and focus as we seek to service. These six areas include:
1. Promoting Peace
2. Fighting Disease
3. Providing Clean Water and Sanitation
4. Saving Mothers and Children
5. Supporting Education
6. Growing Local Communities
     Our Foundation Committee staffs the EREY spot at the sign-in table for each meeting. This is another way to help everyone reach full EREY status. Many Rotarians pay for their meal and raffle ticket with a twenty dollar bill. The five dollars change can be handed to the person at the EREY spot who will mark that contribution next to your name. Do that 20 times during the Rotary year... July 1st to the end of June... and full EREY is reached. 
     Emmaus Rotary is seeking to have 100% of its membership completing EREY.