It certainly takes a village when it comes to fundraising for Emmaus Rotary. Monday marked the 15th Annual ERC Golf Tournament.  After many months of planning by the Golf Committee and support by many Club Members another successful tournament is in the books!  
Let’s give a big Thank You to Sue Wenner and her team for their hard work! Rick Zayaitz, Mario Cozzubbo, Cindy Hornaman, Don Blose, Dr. Steve Motze, Keith Heffner, and Joanne Smida. Special thanks to Chris Hornaman for photography.  
Thank you to each and every member who made the effort to purchase a raffle ticket and sell tickets! A special thanks to Gordon Reese, our major ticket seller. He is a raffle ticket selling champion! 
I would also like to thank supporting committees like Public Image who were very helpful in getting the word out about the event. 
When the Rotary wheels are in motion and working together we can accomplish so much and grow our impact in the community. Well done Team ERC! 
Shine Bright Friends ✨
Meghan Reed 
President, Emmaus Rotary Club 2022/23