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International Women's Day 
Emmaus Rotary celebrated their second year of awarding a district rotary woman of distinction and a community woman of distinction.
Check the Trumpet's photo gallery for highlights of the morning. 
       Emmaus Rotary celebrated International women's day with Alicia Ruiz Ortiz as the leader of the committee.  Thank you to Rose and Eileen for helping with the presentation for Emmaus Rotary, and Burt Durin our immediate past President for making this celebration a possibility.
       Rotary International completed a week- long presentation for Women around the world.  Take a moment and go to Rotary International women's day and see the changes that Rotary is helping to sustain throughout the world.  We should be proud of an organization that has come so far in a little over 32 years.  Is our journey together ever completed......NO but we are at the head of the class when it is necessary.  
      I sent out an email this week to send a card to Marg Geosits.  Marg was the first women ever inducted into Emmaus Rotary.   Please make her feel the Rotary welcome and that her friends at Rotary are always thinking about her.  Take a moment and reach out, she was a visionary for her times.  I am not sure she liked the best sports teams (Yankee fan) but always made our meeting interesting jousting with other members who are Red Sox fans.  This week remember the people who forged the way for each one of us in Rotary and say thank you.  Have a great Rotary week.
Yours in service,
Rick Zayaitz